Peninsula Motel and RV Park

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  • Street: 6930 E. Harbor Road
  • Postcode: 43440
  • City: Marblehead
  • State: Ohio


  • Telephone: 419-734-4778

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Marblehead Peninsula
Chamber of Commerce

5681 East Harbor Road, Suite C
Marblehead, Ohio 43440

  • 419-734-9777
  • 419-960-7206 (Fax)
  • info [ @ ]
Hours of Operation:
Monday: 10 to 2
Tues - Friday: 9:30 to 4:30
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Business After Hours

July 16th, 2015   Otterbein North Shore-  Please RSVP

August 20th, 2015  Little Ted's Cottages -Please RSVP


Fireworks Schedule

Thursday night will be the Catawba Island Display off CIC

Friday is the big display in Oak Harbor

Saturday there will be displays at Port Clinton & Lakeside.